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Inezi - Pain and Pleasure EP Review

Durning an Interview with Inezi in October 2020, I was amazed by Inezi's voice and lyrical content. 'Straight Away' produced by New Vision One Records was the first track played in the interview and Sorry Fah' by Inezi, produced by Addis records was the tune we were promoting then. Today I am delighted to introduce to you the 6-track EP called 'Pain and Pleaseure' by Inezi, produced by Global Beat Studio.

Balance, is the word I would use to describe this 'Pain and Pleasure EP'. With relatable topics, the EP explodes opens with ‘Refuse to be You’, an upbeat rhythm with lyrics describing social issues and introducing Inezi’s irregular sound. Can it get any realer than this?

The opening track ‘Refuse to be You’ sets the tone for the EP, keeping you in suspense of where Inezi will carry his voice over these beautiful melodies.

’Skatta’ forces you to connect with your emotions and search your personality, making sure that your integrity is intact. Inezi delicately rides the rhythm, his voice gently blending with the musical tones. Yes, this EP has me excited. Excited for the new sound, excited for the content of meaningful lyrics and excited for the opportunities that will become available to the artiste upon the release of this EP on Friday, April 22.

Over a roots / dub rhythm ’Blame Me’ exposes thought provoking energy, that can arise in a relationship, when the responsibilities of the issues at hand are put onto one party. I must highlight the electric guitar on ’Blame Me’, as it complements the voice of Inezi in a way that emphasies and concludes the ‘pain’ section of this EP.

With an afro-beat leading us into the pleasure and seductive lyrics of the EP we move ’On it’ and slide into ‘Fine Wine’ which invites you to indulge in a 70/80s soul felt sound, allowing you to adjust your emotions, feel good and smile for the duration.

It’s the harmonies for me! The voice of Inezi is so clean, controlled and full of passion. This EP has been very well executed. I literally take a presidential break while listening. The perfect balance of ‘Pain an Pleasure’.

Find Inezi here

  • Written by Lynnora Stedford
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    The Nubian Jak Community Trust presents 'Peckings Records' with a Blue plaque (March 9, 2022).

    In 1974 Peckings Recording Studio and Record Shop was pioneered by George 'Peckings' Price (1927-1994). George Price built a solid partnership with Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd of Studio One in Jamaica. Peckings fast became the entity to import music directly from Jamaica and has cemented itself as a distribution point for reggae music, supplying some of the most well known sound systems and DJs throughout the UK and Europe while also establishing well known artistes such as Gappy Ranks, Sparky Rugged, Aleighcia Scott, Macka B and Ras Charmer, just to name a few. The shop has been handed down to Georges sons, the next generation; Tony, Trevor, Chris and Duke who continue to build upon their fathers legacy today.

    It was a pleasure to witness the crowd of persons who came out to congratulate the Peckings family on receiving their Blue plaque. The event was hosted by Patricia Wharton (Chalkhill Community Radio) and the plaque itself was presented by Jak Beula, Founder of the Nubian Jak Community Trust and Local Authority of H&F Mayor Cllr PJ Murphy.

    As a young girl in the early 90's, going by "uncle Sootie's" and spinning vynls on his turntables was a highlight of my teenage years. He would receive boxes of records from record lables and ask me to sample and organise them. Some of the records were so freshly pressed that they still had residue wax on the outside that I had to peel off with my nails. I loved peeling off the excess wax, it made me know that I was the first person in the house to play that record. For me, the voluntary task of organising the records, sampling them and then providing a report to Sootie was a special role. One particular time, Sootie had sent me to Peckings records store at 142 Askew Road to collect some music for him, which is where I met Chris 'Peckings' Price, who currently runs the 'Peckings' operation. I felt so welcomed. From that day on, Peckings Record store became my go to record store, which is why this blue plaque holds a special place in my heart.

    This to me is what life is all about "building your family name". In fact, what I see is inspiration and gratitude. From one mans vision, his children also belived in is vision enough to learn from him and carry on building upon the works of their father after his passing. Watching Georges grandchildren at the event I wondered which one would be the next to take on the duties. It was a beautiful sight and a pleasure to be in attendance.

    I would like to take this opportunity to recognise Jak Beula for his works. Building the Nubian Jak Community Trust, engraving the names of infulencial black people into the stones of England is a works that must be protected and upheld.

    Congratuatlions to the Peckings family and thank you to the Nubian Jak Community Trust from LUV RADIO.

    Find Peckings Records here and is located at 81 Askew Road, Shepherds Bush, London, England

  • Written by Lynnora Stedford
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    Singer/songwriter Lloyd 'Bramma' Brammer was born with music in his blood, and the proof is in the pudding. The debut album 'Rugged and Deadly' shows off Bramma's versitilty while still keeping a pleasant, mutual vibe for the duration of the nineteen tracks, uplifting the audience yet highlighting serious topics.

    Bramma starts this album with a roots chant, letting you know that this is a conscious album. The drums of the intro lead you into the title track 'Rugged and Deadly' which lays the foundation for the solid production of tracks presented in this album. The first thing that impressed me with 'Rugged and Deadly' is Bramma's tone of voice and the way he effortlessly rides the rhythms. Then, the backing and harmonies. Energetic, focused and perfectly pitched on each track, this high class method of lyrics, vocals and musical production of "Roots, Rock and Reggae" continue throughout the album and leaves you wanting more.

    Bramma credits Ernie Cunningham of Riddim Force Records for supplying him with the innovative beats and production that allowed him to explore his vocal range and abilities, of which he does with such grace.

    Paying homage and giving ratings to some of the elders and new comers in the business, the 'Rugged and Deadly' album features; Anthony B, Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor, Luciano The Messenjah, Zagga, Freddie McGregor and Mojo Morgan.

    Rather than the featured artiste adapting to the "Bramma sound", Bramma rises to the occassion and finds a style to match that of the collaboration.

    Being able to put a rap on a roots vibe such as 'Africa' brings an upbeat feel to the roots track, allowing the listener to smoothly adjust from a step to a bounce. It's a pleasure to hear the sweet voice of Luciano on a new track and the way Bramma comes in on the hook before his educational rap, draws me in every time. During an interview with LUV RADIO Bramma tells us how much he respects Luciano for agreeing to voice on the album.

    The voices and rap styles of Bramma and Mojo Morgan blend amazingly well on the serious track titled 'Hot ah Street'. An audio movie, the lyrics and production of this track somehow gives me visions of hope, that better must come.

    The 'Rugged and Deadly' album takes the opportunity to mention some of the elders who paved the way for reggae music such as; Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Garnett Silk, Marcia Griffiths and Buju Banton while giving us space to reminisce on songs like; 'When the music hits','Pass the Dutchie (Cutchie)','Mama Africa', 'I'll be down by the river', 'love don't live here anymore' and 'Why do fools fall in love' to name a few.

    A brilliant body of work.

    “Love above all things. I try talk to the youth with low self-asteem, I try to talk to the youth who feel like nobody don't business about you and it's you agaist the world, I sing for the have-nots, I sing for the people who live in zinc fence and board house. I just want the youth to know, believe in yourself, don't care how dark it may look, it will get better, just believe in yourself and work hard. Don't make nobody tell you that you are nobody, don't make nobody tell you that you can't make it, just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.”

    Bramma's - 'Rugged and Deadly' album is OUT NOW on all media platforms


    The 'Rugged and Deadly' album displays quality, thoughtful and purposeful tracks which deserve a listen.

    Listen to Bramma here

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    Chukki Starr

    Chukki Starr born and grown in Stonebridge, London UK has been singing from the tender age of 7.

    Being around The famous Ruff Cutt band, Chukki Starr infused himself with the musical culture. Dj’ing on sound systems throughout his teens, the love Chukki Starr has for music kept him wanting to learn more about the culture and the business. It was then that Chukki Starr decided to move to Jamaica where he lived for a number of years. Singing in the street of Kingston and building his knowledge of the industry, Chukki Starr emerged out of the dancehall.

    Chukki Starr, is well known for his positive lyrics and fast became a household name in the Dancehall/Reggae industry.

    “Coming from the ghetto, we come from poor surroundings of our people and we see what this does to our people and we see what society is doing to our people. So through growing up and situations we go through, we realise we have a lot of things we have to teach the people. We realise there’s are a lot of things the people need to learn about themselves to realise who they are, to get them where the need to get. Through the lack of knowledge in our community maybe with our people, it kind of leaves us sometimes in situations we don’t want to be in, but we don’t have the knowledge to go no further and nobody is there putting it out there. So if I can do it through the music I am going to do it thought the music and try tell people things, try to make them see the positive side of things and try to go forward and elevate themselves as a person and an individual.”

    Chukki Starr continues to write and produce music through his Record Label Stardom and released the 10 track EP 'Where is the Love' out now on all digital platforms.

    OUT NOW Chukki Starr - Where Is The Love on all media platforms

  • Written by Lynnora Stedford