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Young Athena

This talented British artiste by the name of Young Athena can sing, rap, play instruments and much more. Check out the interview...

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Fyona Ocean

Based on true events, Fyona Ocean shares her story of beign blessed with strength, when her desperate need for income sent her into a Jamaican prison sentence. A must read...

Read 'Dutty Mustah' here

Sophia Squire

Sophia Squire has extensive experience in the music business. Touring with Gregory Issacs for approximately 5 years, we open several lines of conversation.

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"Work on you" were the words from Solydz a Jamaican born singer, songwriter and producer, from Denmark tells us about his musical journey, featuring on a Grammy nominated track and much more.

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Cathy Matete

Kalasha Award winner Cathy Matete tells us about her musical heritage, why she decided to become a musician and Reggae in Kenya"

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Zoo Rass

Zoo Rass is a dancer turned DJ, working with a band Zoo Rass tells us about his forth coming projects"

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Third World (Richie)

Third World's Richie let's us know from his point of view, how he has seen the message of love spread over the world, he gives his take on music today, advice for aspiring artistes and much more."

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Speaking life, music and giving thanks, Causion tells us about 'The Thank You Mission' and reminds us that at the end of the day "all we have is the love of the people around us."

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Iyah Syte

S.Y.T.E "Saving Youths Through Entertainment." During this interview we disucss how Iyah Syte uses his platform to help the youth, we preview the new single 'When You Love', we learn how the Krisis band was created and much more.

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J Written

During this interview we learn that singer, song writer and engineer J Written has been writing from a young age. We discuss the message in his music, the advantages of displaying love, Africa and much more.

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Sativa D Black 1

Born Shaun Smith, Sativa D Black 1 tells us of his humble beginnings, we discuss how his music was received when he entered Jamaica's Magnum Kings and Queens talent competition and much more.

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JayJay Born2Sing

JayJay Born2Sing lets us know how he started his singing career at a young age, we discuss his album, his battle with Multiple sclerosis and much more

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William Martin

William Martin promotes his brand new album 'The Message', which demonstrates love and good living. William also tells us how he came to create the first Reggae Sound System in Basel, Switzerland and much more.

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K Queens

K Queens Kaydine and Kerrine tell us how they came to know music, their experiences as members of The Alliance, we discuss their single 'Jamdown Top Ranking' and much more.

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Kindu Kinte

Kindu Kinte tells about how he made the decision to grow from "gangster rap" to "Christian rap" and the purpose of Cultivated Ground.

Listen to From Glory 2 Glory here

Bunny Lye Lye

Bunny Lye Lye tells us how he was known in the music industry from his early years in Jamaica where he produced his first two singles himself. We discuss finance in the industry while advising the youth of today and much more...

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Joelle Ferguson

C.E.O of Xamaica Royals Joelle Ferguson tells us why she decided to build her own production company and how it was working on the set of 'Seen it Before'

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Paul Haughton

Giving us the inside details on what happens off camera, Paul Haughton tells us what it was like working on sets directed by Idris Elba, Nick Cannon, Dameon Gayle and much more...

Find Paul Haughton 'Seen it Before' here


ZBEK tells us about his drama early years, how focused he was in working towards becoming an actor, how he came to meet Dameon Gayle and much more.

Find ZBEK in 'Seen it Before' here

Macka Diamond

Macka Diamond tells us about her early years, we discuss her music career, the music industry and her new ventures including the Simeemackadoucious Clothing Line.

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DJ Shaun Powerz - CEO Blu Clothing

Shaun Powerz talks about his musical influences growing up in NW10, his Blu Clothing line, The Powerz Daily Hustle Podcast and much more.

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Inezi talks about his new projects and his musical journey and gives us a preview of some of his music.

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Vernal Saje

Vernal Sage tells us how the new single came about and how excited Boris Gardiner was to produce Rasta's Paradise. We hear reggae stories from the 80s and more.

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Marvin Binns

Marvin Binns tells us about his new mixtape 'Statement', his musical career and more.

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Bramma tells us about his debut Album RUGGED & DEADLY which display's Bramma's versitily, we learn about his early years and much more.

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Jason Mascall - Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach

Jason Mascall tells us of his passion to create a Boxing Club in Grenada while giving us useful Health and fitness tips.

Jason Mascall

Yaa CEO of Next Level Coaching Group

The "Meant for More" Mindset Mentor, Peak-Performance Coach and Lifestyle Architect, Yaa gives us tips on how we can overcome hurdles.

Yaa - Next Level Coaching Group

PG Valentina

PG Valentina tells us about how her talent gave her the inspiration to begin a singing career and her ambitions of representing Jamaica in music.

PG Valentina

Aleighcia Scott

Aleighcia Scott tells us about her early start in music and her new album project which she's been working on.

Aleighcia Scott

Gaven 'G' Creary of Black Slate

Listen to how Gaven 'G' Creary of Black Slate started playing the drum from a young age and how he became a member of Black Slate.

Black Slate Reggae


Listen to how Wiseman starting making music from his school and eventually followed his calling and is now releasing music.

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Anthony Johnson

Listen to how Anthony Johnson built his career from Jamaica, how he sustains his musical progress, words of wisdom and much more....

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Princes Landa

Princess Landa tells us about her debut single Her'Story, her love of singing, how she plans to manage the music she puts out and much more...

'Her'Story' out now

Bucky Jo

Bucky Jo tells us how he built his career, he tells us of his amazing portfolio of collaborations and how he intends to help the youth going forward via Buzwakk Records

The album 'Reverence' is out now on all digital platforms


Listen to the rise of Bugle An9ted. Bugle tells us how he became a Headliner for school concerts from the age of 10, his passion for writing, his top 4 DJs and of course we breakdown 24hrs and the making of the Picture Perfect Album.

'Picture Perfect' is out now. Listen here


Fredlocks tells us about his love for songwriting, how he started his career in music, Recording Studio stories, new releases and much more...

Listen to Fred Locks here

Sparky Rugged

Listen to Sparky Rugged speak of his career within the music industry, how he started out, His new singles, exclusives and much more...

'Who Dat' available on all platforms

Dr X (aka Superflex)

Listen to how Super Flex got started in the music industry, how he managed Stefflondon, his future works and much more...

Listen to 'All-in-All' here

Chukki Starr

Chukki began his career forming Echo Tone Hi Fi sound system, performing as Chukki Brown. ‘Goodas Gal’, signalled Chukki’s emergence from the UK dancehall scene.

Chukki Starr talks about how he got started in the music industry and his message of educating the people especially the youth.

OUT NOW Chukki Starr - Where Is The Love on all media platforms

YJS Toussaint

When an author volunteers to share their most sensitive obstacles with transparency, honesty and dignity, it inspires hope. This true story serves as a reminder that there is hope.

Available on Amazon- I am Yolanda - A Journey of Hope - This books promotes strength, hope and courage.